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I use Premium Wax

In preparation for waxing it is best that a couple of days before you start showering with a body scrub. There are many forms of body scrub lotions, creams, hand mits and sponges out there; the main thing is to exfoliate the area to be waxed. I’d reccommend hand mitts, they really get the job done but can be a bit abbrasive if you tend to be too rough. Dry brushing is great too.

Do not clipper or shave beforehand. Since your hair grows in several stages if you clipper prior to waxing then there could be the chance that some of the hair is either too short or too strong and will only come out with tweezers, if at all.

Try not to drink coffiee or have caffinee at least 3 hours before waxing, you don’t want your skin going through the caffieen jitters and inhance any pain or added disconfert.

Feel free to take IB Proffin or advile to relax you and your skin.

Everyone is different as to how their skin will react to having been waxed. Your skin may cover itself in goose bumps where the hair has been removed, a natural occurrence considering what has just happed to it.  It will also go a shade of red that will go back to normal within a few hours.

(You don’t have to come back until the hair is long enough to wax again. It is dependent on your individual hair growth rate, time of year, and your genetics; usually between 4 and 6 weeks)

My prices are very competitive.

Lip: $10

Chin: $8

Cheeks: $10

Nose: $10

Back: Start at $55

1/2 Back: Start at $30

Full Leg: $65

1/2 Leg: $35

Arms: $40

Underarms: $15

Stomach: Start at $20

Basic Bikini: Start at $25

Brazilian Bikini: Start at $50