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Need Time to Yourself?

I have a wonderful client named Beth who gave me a great tip the other day. We all need some time to ourselves everyday in order to function at our optimum. Grant yourself that time. Use a timer and give yourself how ever long you have, maybe it’s 10 minutes, 20 minutes or maybe longer. Use this time to meditate, take a bath, read a book, sew, whatever it is that make YOU happy. Using this timer method is a wonderful way to fill your cup! If you don’t fill yourself up, it gets harder and harder to give to others. We all have to remind each other to take care of ourselves.

Q&A: Conditioner

I love questions. Someone asked me if I can recommend a good hair
For a “daily” (or however often you wash your hair) I am using Alba
Gardenia conditioner. It smells great, it’s natural and it leaves my
hair soft and easy to manage.

The BEST find I have found in a long time is Nature’s Gate Chamomile
Replenishing Hair Masque. WOW! This stuff is fantastic. It instantly
makes your hair SO soft and healthy feeling. This is more of a weekly
or bi-monthly conditioner. (if your hair is really damaged use more
often). It was only $10 so it won’t break the bank.

Both of these products can be found at most natural foods stores.

I welcome questions so bring em on!

Winter Skin Care

Winter skin care

Winter takes its special toll on your skin, which may still be recuperating from the fiery assaults of summertime. Instead of getting a much deserved rest and rejuvenation, winter works our skin overtime as it prepares for the demanding task of defending itself against the woes of winter weather. The chilling cold in the air from the sudden change of seasons can leave your skin


chapped and devastatingly dry. Our skin is made up of different layers. The outer epithelial layer our epidermis is the most likely target of our environment as the harsh elements can hardly reach the dermal layer that lies below. The epidermis constantly peels off and rejuvenates. But during this course of molting the skin looks dry and you tend to lose the natural glow that you were so proud of. The peeling off is more likely to occur during the winter months as the winds are dry and squeeze out the natural oily texture of the skin. 

Skin happens to be the reflection of how you are affected by changes in your environment.

The most important part of winter skin-care is keeping the whole body hydrated. Drink approximately 64 ounces or more of water daily. Not only does this help hydrate your skin to prevent dryness and itching, but there are other health benefits too numerous too mention here. Limit the amount of caffeine and alcohol you intake; these act as diuretics releasing fluid from the body. Using a moisturizer on the face is important, but so is having the proper sun protection.

Sunscreen is important in winter as the sun’s reflective powers are great year round. Apply a heavy layer of moisturizing broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to the face, hands and any other skin that may be exposed. This will act as a barrier to help protect against the harsh elements and is especially important if you will be outside for any length of time. 

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