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Winter Skin

Protect Your Skin Against the Cold

Winter Skin

Our face is one of the most exposed against the elements. It gets cold due to heat loss fast and loses more water when it’s cold due to tiny cracks in the surface.  Skin also does not metabolize well in the cold, so skin nutrition suffers in the winter. The combination of loss of water and lack of nutrition causes dry skin.

Chapped hands are an example of winter skin. Being constantly exposed to low temperature will age skin quickly.

Here are some tips to protect against winter skin:

Keep warm, avoid wind and protect your ears and nose.

Newborns, women, African Americans, people of advanced age, or anyone who is fatigued, exhausted, has anxiety or stress are more susceptible.

Avoid tight clothing, smoking (you should quite if you do anyway!), chewing tobacco (same!), alcohol, or other intoxicants and any drug associated with or causing vasoconstriction.

In extreme cold weather wear mittens rather than gloves, a scarf and earmuffs or a hood. Layers are better than a single heavy piece of apparel. Limit your stay in the cold.

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