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Thai Young Coconuts

Happy New Year!

A few weeks ago I sent out some info about raw cacao. In that article it mentioned that Thai Young Coconuts were treated with formaldehyde. I had stopped eating them after I read that.
Recently a wonderful client sent me an article where some research was done on this subject. Of course it’s always a good idea to ask to see the case they come in. If they are treated it should say so on the case. Also, you can call the distributor and ask. The number should be on the case.

Here is the HAPPY info:

Matt Amsden Tells The Truth About Thai Coconuts and Formaldehyde
Jan 9, 2008


Are you one of those folks whose initial excitement in discovering
Thai Coconuts was quickly replaced with fear when you heard the
rumor that the sweet treat is soaked in formaldehyde before reaching
the United States?

I don’t know where it started nor can I remember when I first heard
it, but the rumor is certainly widespread.

I have had dozens of friends and clients ask me about it in panicked
phone calls, during my raw food preparation classes, or even during
visits to our café.

Some fearful raw-fooders have completely removed Thai Coconuts from
their diets in response to the rumor, and there are even raw
restaurants that have deleted them from their menus.

In short, we have all allowed this rumor to spread based completely
on hearsay and without any definitive proof.

My wife Janabai and I love Thai Coconuts and weren’t willing to
leave them out of our morning shakes or delete them from our café’s
menu until we received definitive proof that they are in fact,
treated with formaldehyde.

Waiting for someone else to provide such proof was getting us
nowhere. We decided to find the truth, not only for ourselves but
also for our customers, friends, and for those spreading fear by way
of a baseless rumor.

We contacted Michelson Laboratories. Michelson is a fully accredited
microbiology and chemical testing lab with over 70 highly trained
specialists and technicians located in Commerce, California.

Michelson was confident that after proper testing of a sample they
could tell us definitively whether or not Thai Coconuts were treated
with formaldehyde.

We supplied Michelson with samples from our regular stock of Thai
Coconuts and waited patiently as the testing process began.

As the weeks went on, Janabai and I decided that whatever the
result, we would disseminate the information as widely as possible.
We would either discontinue our use of Thai Coconuts and warn others
or dispel the myth and continue to endorse the use of Thai Coconuts.

On Thursday, May 11 th, 2006, we received the results from the lab.

There was absolutely no indication whatsoever that the Thai Coconut
samples provided to Michelson Laboratories was ever in contact with

We were excited! Not only could we continue to enjoy Thai Coconuts
but we also had definitive proof that the formaldehyde scare was
nothing more than rumor.

It is my sincere hope that in the future, our raw food communities
will not fall prey to lies and made-up stories. These rumors divide
rather than unite and spread fear rather than information.

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