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Why Juicing is Good for Us:

People often ask, “Why juice at all? Why not just eat all those vegetables raw?” Because you won’t, that’s why. You can juice five pounds or more of carrots, plus six to eight apples, just for breakfast. You’d never find the time to eat all that without the shortcut of a juicer.

Another reason to juice is this: your body’s absorption of fresh, raw juice is simply outstanding. A juicer is essentially a powerful motor with teeth, breaking cell walls and releasing all the nutrients into a solution that your body sucks up like a sponge.

Remember that liquification increases both the availability and absorptivity of the contents of a vegetable, while reducing the amount you’d have to chew. It is more an issue of quality than quantity. It is also easier and faster to down a glass or two of juice as compared with eating several trays full of produce. Furthermore, juicing avoids cooking, and natural health authorities universally recommend more raw foods in our diet.

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