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Peace at the Table

Food sadhana is a more mindful approach toward growing, buying, preparing and enjoying food. According to the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, eating in silence lends more energy and focus to digestion.  When we talk, our blood is directed to the brain rather that the stomach. It’s important to take the time to slow down and enjoy food.

If a completely silent dinner table is not realistic-keep conversation light and relaxed (e.g. put the kibosh on religious and political debates until after dessert).
Other simple ways to practice food sadhana include making your kitchen a clean, organized and happy place; learning where your food comes from and utilizing what’s in season; enjoying regular meal times; and preparing and eating your food in a calm, quiet, and positive state of mind. Anger and emotions can easily get transferred into the food you are preparing, so treat it with love.
From the Ayurvedic perspective , disease or “lack of ease” in the human body is rooted in the digestive system; 75 percent of effective digestion, assimilation and elimination can be attributed to how we eat and 25 percent to what we eat.  Using our food as our medicine can be our best source of daily health and balance.
The notion of avoiding guilt and feeling confident about everything you put into your body is a reminder that if you are going to have that cupcake (or whatever your guilty pleasure is), relax and enjoy it! And while grocery stores will continue to offer everything under the sun, no matter where we live or time of year, the practice of conscious cooking urges us to shop locally, understand the seasons and tune in to our bodies. If everyone were more aware of these things, we could have such a positive impact on the world.
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