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Botox Info

This is some useful info I found on botox. I have never had botox and I do not endorse it.  However, I feel having all the info you can on something is important. Doing what feels right for you is what matters. Enjoy your week!

Botox, or Botulinum Toxin

If you’re a squinter or a scowler, you may have developed vertical furrows between your brows or horizontal creases across your brow.  In the past, these would have been smoothed with silicone injections or a brow lift.  The most modern option available-botox injections-could easily have sprung from the pages of a Stephen King novel.

In large enough doses, botox can cause botulism and can kill you by paralyzing your diaphragm muscles.  It’s long been used by pediatric ophthalmologists, however, to straighten out crossed eyes and calm muscular twitches and tics in children.  In this case, the doctor injects minute quantities of botulinum toxin, or botox, into the offending scowl.  The injection paralyzes the procerus muscle so that you are physically unable to squint, scowl, or grimace and, as a consequence, you no longer can wrinkle between the eyes.  The results are noticeable in three to five days and last for up to nine months.  Whatever wrinkles you already has fade over tie, because you are no longer reinforcing them through repetitive motion.

Doctors have explained the botox repertoire to include erasing lines around eyes and mouth, smoothing saggy neck skin, and eliminating laugh-or sneer-lines at the corners of the mouth.  Botox injections are replacing collagen in popularity because they last up to nine months and are more cost effective.

DOWNSIDE: Though you would need at least 1,000 times the dosage used to cause botulism, if you end up in th hands of an inexperienced practitioner and too much botox is injected-an extremely rare occurrence-you can temporarily lose the use of other muscles in the area and develop droopy eyelids, a lopsided expression, or temporary vision impairment.

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