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Five Tips for Better Recycling

Know Before You Throw
-Know what type of materials can be recycled at your local distribution center.

Remove the Labels and Lids
-Remove labels and lids from cans and plastic bottles, then put the appropriate recycling bins.

Rinse your Containers
-A quick rinsing should easily remove and sauce or left over liquid to help avoid ants or other unwanted visitors.

Watch the Weather
-Especially true for paper recycling, if it is left out in the rain it will become soggy and mutilated to the point that it can’t be recycled.

Save Some Space
-Collapse any cardboard boxes or other paper packaging, such as milk/juice containers.

Eight Ways to Green Your Recycling

Change your Recycling Perspective
-“What things can’t I recycle?”  This generation is recycling everything from batteries to motor oil to computer monitors.

Know What You’re Recycling and Where to Recycle It
-Avoid driving all over to recycle all your items go to Earth 911 to find out where to recycle almost everything in one stop.

Recycle in Groups
-Recycle in groups, create a recycle carpool.

Reuse Your Recycling Containers
-Use storage bins to collect your recycling, they can be used for several trips.

Pre-cycle When You Shop
-Find products in containers that are either made from recycled material to recyclable or both.

Start Green-cycling
-Create your own compost system.

Reuse Before you Recycle
-A little creativity can give many recyclables in your house a second life before they go to the curb. Paper can be recycled no matter how many times it is written on.

Pass Along the Message
-By passing on some recycling knowledge, you can help raise awareness.
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