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While traveling in LA last week I had the good fortune of having a facial by Jennifer and I have to say it was a wonderful experience. It was not a normal facial but one that she called a collagen facial and I could immediately see a difference in my skin and an amazing reduction in the fine lines that had started to develop around my eyes and lips.

I was curious to see how long it would last and I can tell you 10 days later I still feel like my skin is glowing and looking much better than it did before I went to see her.

Jennifer also recommended an Oil Free Moisturizer by Lindy which I LOVE and a Cell Renewal Systems SPF25 sunscreen which is amazing. I’m actually using the sunscreen on my 2.5 year old son as well and it is the first sunscreen I have found that does not give him a rash. Two other products Jennifer turned me on too which I highly recommend are the Lindy Cleansing Lotion which I have been using for over a year and the 2in1 shampoo conditioner which she sells and scents to your liking. I got the Hymalaya scent for my husband and not only does he love it but I do too! I’m going to order two more bottles today so I have one for both bathrooms and my gym bag.

A very happy client,

J. Faber
Lafayette, California

I was Jennifer’s first “man-scaping” client, and let me tell you I don’t think I could have been in better hands, so to speak.  She made me feel very comfortable and at ease in what would normally be a very uncomfortable situation.  Because she works out of her house, it seemed more private and personable.  I didn’t feel like I was being rushed…she really took her time to explain what was being done, and again, she just made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with the whole procedure.

I never thought I would do anything like this (waxing where wax was never meant to be!) but I wanted to surprise my wife with a “new me.”  Well, Jennifer passed the “wife test” because my wife was very pleased with the results.  I’ve already been back for another session and am happy to be counted among her regular clients.  If you’re a guy, or know a guy who is thinking about sprucing up…Jennifer’s the one to see.

Burt H.

West Hills, CA

I was fortunate enough to discover Jennifer when I was searching for an esthetician who uses natural, non-irritating products.  Since then, I have returned to her on a regular basis and will continue to do so.

Not only is she an expert at what she does, she is very thorough and genuinely interested in her clients’ needs.  Unlike many in the skin care field who attempt to treat symptoms, Jennifer understands the importance of addressing the underlying causes behind a skin condition in order to resolve it permanently.

The natural clays and essential oils she incorporates into her treatments make a rapid, noticeable difference in the appearance of the skin.  I have visited her many times with a rash from makeup that was used on me at a shoot or on a set and she is always able to calm it down and have it cleared up within a few days.  The only good thing about having a skin issue is going to see her.  She’s a beautiful person inside and out.

Sherri Snyder

Irvine, CA

Jason M.

Woodland Hills, CA


I would like to start by saying that I felt like I had known Jennifer for years. I went in for a facial and for a waxing that I was very nervous about. The facial was very calming, I think I fell a So to the waxing, she made me feel comfortable and was very professional. I was sooo pleased with the results of both the facial and waxing. I won’t go anywhere else. Lastly, I was able to see her after work, Jennifer is very accommodating.

Samantha L.

Sherman Oaks, CA


I am so grateful to have found Jennifer when I did. I had so much going on and was going through so much in my life. I had the healing massage and it was so relaxing. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt a sense of ease and relaxation. She is so easy to talk to. When I left, I left with a glow and feeling new. 

Thanks Jennifer and I hope to see you very soon!

Lil G.

Woodland Hills, CA


This is the first time I’ve written an online review!  But Jennifer deserves kudos, and her clientele is referral-based so here’s my glowing reference!  Her facilities – in a residence – are immaculate with a serene ambience on a lovely quiet street.  Jennifer specializes in natural products and has a holistic approach to services without being ‘hippie’!  She is very knowledgeable and  will suggest the best treatment for your needs – she always has with me.  She loves her work and it shows.  She has her own products but is not pushy to sell.  I’ve always been turned off by anyone who pushes additional services on you and tries to make you feel bad if you don’t follow their suggestions!  I also love that Jennifer is very flexible with her appointment times.  I work insane hours yet I’ve always been able to get in at a time that works for me.  She also has a great newsletter and frequently has great specials available.   All-round wonderful experience and most importantly, I come away glowing!

Diana N.

Calabasas, CA


Thanks to Jennifer, my skin has never looked so good.  She really gets out all that doesn’t belong.  Her gentle and kind personality is such a blessing…no product pushing, I love that!  
The other thing about Jennifer that I like is that she truly knows about the benefit of food and how is also plays a role on your skin. I have learned so much from her.

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