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The benefits of facials:

Healthier skin
Clearer complexion
Skin that glows
Less fine lines and wrinkles
A feeling of peace and relaxation

Facials not only make you look better, they make you feel better. There are many pollutants that get into our skin. That’s why deep cleaning is so essential to healthier, younger looking skin. I give holistic, deep cleaning facials and perform expert extractions-I get EVERYTHING out-allowing your skin to heal.


My studio is located in a cozy environment in Woodland Hills. My clients love it because it’s a warm, inviting and nurturing sanctuary where they can truly decompress. 

Healthy skin is balanced skin. And it’s not just what you put on your skin but also what you put in your body that is important. Proper nutrition, avoiding foods that you may be allergic to, plenty of water, rest, a good mind set and a general healthy lifestyle can make the difference in looking and feeling your best.

Facial treatments include cleansing, exfoliation, deep extractions, a custom mask, and treatments creams.

I use the finest in essential oils, aloe vera, and what I have found to be the best and most competitively priced natural facial products on the market.

I can also provide eyelash and eyebrow color, brow shapes and clean up. 

I provide custom skin care treatments specific to your skin type and concerns. I add unique touches to make your experience not only memorable but INSANELY GREAT!

Many Blessings,

(818) 426-7088

Licensed Esthetician

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